Eastern Blue Bird

We are hopeful with time in our songbird aviary, she will regain full flight capabilities

Cottontail Rabbits

Recently released bunnies couldn't resist a bite to eat before hopping off into the woods.

Success Stories

In early March 2015 we received a call about a baby owl a couple had found on the ground under a tree at their home (pictured above). Our rescue team quickly headed out to rescue this owl. When we arrived on location, we found the nestling Great Horned owl on the ground under a tree. We spotted the adults in the surrounding trees and also found the broken nest 50 feet up. Our friends at NIPSCO and ASPLUND donated their time to help us get this nestling back home. After securing a make-shift nest to the tree, we gently placed the nestling owl back in. After a few hours the mother owl was back in the nest caring for the young (pictured below). After 5 weeks, the chick had grown and fledged from the nest and flew off with its parents to learn to hunt. 


The Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was founded in 1997 by a group of wildlife rehabilitators and enthusiasts. Their primary mission then and now is to rescue, rehabilitate and return orphaned and injured wildlife to the wild. A second parallel and equally essential part of the mission is to provide educational opportunities for the community that promotes informed and humane interaction with native wildlife. Read More...

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