Wildlife ambassador animals are injured wildlife who are unable to be released back into the wild due to permanent injuries and will live the rest of their lives at Moraine Ridge Wildlife's rehabilitation center. Ambassador wildlife help by engaging audiences, allowing people to make a connection between themselves and native wildlife, and inspiring people to respect and protect native wildlife. MRW is licensed through the Indiana DNR and USFWS, and the ambassadors are trained specially for outreach programs.

You can help MRW continue its mission to educate the public about living with native wildlife and care for ambassador wildlife by becoming an Ambassador Wildlife Sponsor! Sponsors receive the following benefits (animal naming opportunities are also available):
• an 8-by-10-inch framed photo of the sponsored animal
• a certificate of sponsorship
• the sponsored animal’s story
• an engraved name plaque on animal enclosure
• a name listed in newsletter and on website

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Contact MRWRC Director and Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Stephanie Kadletz at 219.299.8027 or

Striped Skunk, Oreo — Male
Oreo was born in May 2013 at an exotic breeding facility and sold to a private owner who did not care for him properly. In January 2014, he was rescued and taken to a sanctuary where he became an ambassador for his wild counterparts. Oreo came to live at MRW in November 2016.

Virginia Opposum — Female
This Virginia opossum was orphaned when her mother and siblings didn’t survive being hit by a car. A private citizen rescued and illegally raised her. She was then taken to a rehabilitator hoping to release her back into the wild, but, unforunately for her, she had imprinted on humans and wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. She came to MRW in November 2016.

Great Horned Owl, Bert — Male 
Bert was rescued in fall 2005 with an injury to the right wing after being hit by a car. After 10 years as an ambassador animal in South Bend, he came to MRW when his rehabilitator retired after 20 years teaching the public about birds of prey. 

Red-tailed Hawk — Female 
This beautiful female redtail hawk was rescued in Chesterton after likely being hit by a car. Due to the injury to her right wing, her primary flight feathers were damaged and did not regrow correctly. As a result, she cannot fly long distances. 

Eastern Screech Owl — Female 
This eastern screech owl was rescued in November 2015. It was believed that she had been hit by a car, which resulted in an injury to her left eye. Ultimately, she lost her eye and joined MRW in April 2016. 

Corn Snake (albino) 
This ablino corn snake was taken in at a local zoo in 2015 and came to MRW in March 2016. MRW educates the public on the plight of exotic species on our native environment, and she helps with that mission. 

Corn Snake 
The corn snake was an exotic pet that lived in a classroom at a school. He then went to live with a local garden group where he continued to teach the public about snakes. 

Eastern Box Turtle — Female 
This turtle was rescued in January 2016 after rescuers saw a neighbor putting her outside in subzero temps. We do not know how long she was in captivity or where she came from so she cannot be released back into the wild. 

Painted Turtle — Female 
This turtle was hit by a car while crossing the road in September 2015. It wasn’t her first time being hit because she had a healed shell fracture and missing right eye. Her injuries gave her poor chances of surviving in the wild. 

Yellow Bellied Slider — Male & Female 
These turtles were taken in by a zoo as unwanted pets. They came to MRW in March 2016 to teach about native and invasive species in Northwest Indiana. 

Mississippi Map Turtle — Male & Female 
The turtles were hatched in 2010 and privately owned until 2015 when they went to live at a nature center. In March 2016 they joined the MRW animal ambassador family, where they teach about the threats to native turtle species. 

*Animals listed are an example of ambassador animals and may not reflect animals currently available for sponsorship. Contact MRW at 219.299.8027 for details.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Sponsorship

Wildlife Rehabilitation Sponsor Wildlife Rehabilitation Sponsorships are a simple way to help care for the wildlife being treated at the center. With your $100 sponsorship, you can help provide the care for a wild animal who may be injured or orphaned and help it to make its way back into the wild. Choose from ten wild animal species to sponsor, and receive a 5-by-7-inch photo and certificate of sponsorship. Your commitment ensures these wild animals have everything they need until they can run, swim, or fly free back in their natural habitats.

Choose a species below get a 5-by-7 Inch photo and certificate of sponorship

  • Barred Owl
  • Eastern Box Turtle
  • Eastern Grey Squirrel
  • Eastern Red Bat
  • Osprey
  • Red-Bellied Woodpecker
  • Ruby-throated Hummingbird
  • Striped Skunk
  • Virginia Opossum
  • Wood Duck

Mail your $100 donation made out to Moraine Ridge Wildlife to 450 N. 570 E, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Contact MRW at 219.299.8027 for details.