Wildlife Enclosure Sponsorship

Over 110 wildlife patients were cared for at Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in 2014, which cover 25 different species.  Wildlife Enclosure Sponorships are a simple was to help care for the wildlife being treated at our center.  With as little as $15 each month you can help provide care for an injured or orphaned wild animal that needs our help to get back to the wild.  You can sponsor a squirrel, raccoon, reptile, songbird, or raptor enclosure.  Each enclosure sponorship will provide the means to adequately care for the wildlife housed throughout its time in rehabilitation.  Each enclosure sponsorship will recieve a 4x6 photo of a species you sponsored and certificate of sponsorship.  Your commitment of as little as 50 cents each day ensures the wild animals have everything they need until they can run, swim or fly free back inot their natural environment.  If you are interested in sponsoring the building of an entire enclosure please contact Stephanie at 219-299-8027 or via email at skadletz@mrwildliferehab.org for more information.
P.S. You can also give a 'Wildlife Enclosure Sponorship' as a gift to a special someone who enjoys wildlife to.  A photo and a Certificate of Sponsorship will be mailed announcing your gift.